Welcome to HaxMe

We are a project that is focused on learning about privacy and security. Founded in 2008 as an evolution of ExploitNation, we offered security challenges that focused on web application vulnerabilities. We will soon be publishing all of that work to Github.

Beyond our educational security platform, we are a community of talented hackers, engineers, mathematicians, educators, and many other skilled individuals.

We aggregated papers that were often submitted to and accepted by infosec news/exploit curators like Packet Storm Security.

In 2013, the project stopped active development, but the community never completely died. We continued to communicate via Discord, IRC, Slack, and other mediums.

In 2018, the project started a software requirements and information gathering phase to revive a new major version of the educational security platform. The bulletin boards were resurrected on a fresh install, with the archived bulletin boards being accessible only to old members of the community (totalling hundreds of active users and many thousands of threads).

Today, we wish to join with you to learn more about privacy and security by building a new major version of our educational security platform and continuing to build upon our unique community.

Mission of the Month (July 9 - August 9)

HaxMe missions are back! Kind of. Let us explain.

In the past, our missions were tightly coupled to the bulletin board schema. While that choice allowed us to rapidly develop missions and associate completion with user accounts, it created problems downstream and in the future when we upgraded software.

Lesson learned. We want to reinvision what our educational platform looks like, and for the time being, are experimenting with monthly "root this box" style challenges.

We are spinning up vulnerable images in the cloud and letting you all go wild with them! The first person to own the box AND post a tutorial on our bulletin board will win a prize.

We want to experiment with the community engagement by keeping these challenges monthly, for now. Then, depending on activity, we might adjust frequency and gather feedback so we can tie these challenges into a platform.

Click here to learn about this month's prize and start the mission!