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HaxMe Archive Forums Now Available

This announcement is no longer active



some work was done to setup some sort of archive of the HaxMe bulletin board of the past. There were thoughts of merging some of it with the current board, but that idea is on hold at the moment. It's fine having them be separate entities, and people are welcome to manually bring some of their content from the archive over to this board. Some things to note:

  • You can login to the archive using either your archive display name OR email address.
  • The archive is completely read only.
  • However, you have control over your content, so you can hide or delete any of your posts.
  • If you have trouble accessing your account, send me a personal message here on the forums and I can investigate the authenticity of the password reset you can now initiate a password reset request on the archive.
  • If you never had an account at the HaxMe Archive, we aren't supporting the creation of new accounts at this time. This is a perk and courtesy for old members.


Also, during the downtime it was noted that any posts you make might be lost. That warning is no longer in effect.


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