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emailrep.io - Simple Email Reputation


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emailrep.io is a simple tool with a nice API that will tell you information about an email address, including:

  • Reputation Level
  • Is it suspicious?
  • References
  • Is it blacklisted?
  • Has its credentials been leaked?
  • Has it been part of any data breach?
  • Is it a spammer?
  • Is it spoofable?

And much more. A further description from their website states:


EmailRep uses hundreds of factors like domain age, traffic rankings, presence on social media sites, professional networking sites, personal connections, public records, deliverability, data breaches, dark web credential leaks, phishing emails, threat actor emails, and more to answer these types of questions: Is this email risky? Is this a throwaway account? What kind of online presence does this email have? Is this a trustworthy sender?

As this is posted in pentesting, some of the offensive usecases of this tool might include:

  • Conduct recon on a target to prepare for credential bruteforcing
  • Constructing targeted phishing attacks
  • Avoid the spam folder

There are also defenses ways in which this tool might be used, like to detect phishing attacks, prevent fraud, require additional layer of verification during registration, etc.

Check it out!

Link to site: https://emailrep.io/

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