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Welcome to the HaxMe Community Forums!

Our community is a place to share and discuss ideas related to security, privacy, programming, and all the things technology! We are currently in an exploratory phase of building a new generation of security missions and educational tools in a way that will reward content creators and allow students to learn at their own pace. In the meantime, we are focusing on building up the community once more, for another decade of greatness.

The main values of HaxMe are: freedom, security, privacy, transparency, and education. 

Freedom: We stand with GNU and the Free Software Foundation when we say, "value your freedom" [1]. As it interfaces with software, we love to highlight software that allows users to run, copy, distribute, analyze, modify, and improve the software. Tinkering, modifying, and...hacking, is corner-store to hacker culture. As such, freedom is a quintessential property of our community. And it extends beyond software. We value freedom from interference and your liberty to communicate information in the marketplace of ideas. As such, we would love to enable discussion with as little moderation as possible. There are, of course, some limitations: calls for violence, sexualization of minors, doxing, and discussion of criminal activity that interferes with other people's freedom, security, and privacy are all prohibited. Outside of these narrow limits, we want to provide a platform to encourage free-thinking individuals and promote freedom in software.



1 - https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/linux-gnu-freedom.en.html

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