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Found 3 results

  1. Sn1per is an opensource AIO offensive security framework that includes features such as: Attack Surface Discovery Penetration Testing Visual Recon IT Asset Inventory Vulnerability Management Web Application Scans Reporting OSINT Collection Continuous Scan Coverage Domain Takeover Tools There are also many help topics and integration guides listed directly in the README. Link to repository: https://github.com/1N3/Sn1per
  2. I am actively using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and 800 series special publications to define policies and establish security systems within my place of work. While I do recommend actually reading the 800 series, it is extremely dry. Here is a quick guide that "translates" the NIST policy families. Source: https://www.praxiom.com/nist-cybersecurity-framework.htm ID. Identify your context PR. Protect your assets DE. Detect your anomalies RS. Respond to incidents RC. Recover from incidents
  3. The Recon-ng Framework provides a web-based environment to conduct reconnaissance quickly and easily. It is written in python and has a look similar to Metasploit, is modular, and has a development guide for building new modules. Here is an included video introduction to help you learn more about and get started with Recon-ng: Link to the repository: https://github.com/lanmaster53/recon-ng
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