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Stop Cracking and Start Bypassing (Wifi Encryption)


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Do you have that .cap file you got by deauthing your asshole neighbor that you just cannot seem to crack even when using GPU accelerated cracking?

Yea, me neither, I totally would NEVER do that, because it's illegal.

That said, instead of trying to crack that WPA/WPA2 (or greater) (if your having this issue with WEP, then you have more problems that I cannot help you with) why not just bypass it?

This tool is pretty dated but it's still badass.

There are other great tools that have evolved since it's inception like Reaver, and other tools that hack the WPS pin, instead of attacking the actual password, but I like this one the best.

Kevin Mitnick, said that the weakest link in security is almost always the human factor, and for any of you who have actually been on a hack, or pentesting op, that's pretty fucking true.

This goal can be accomplished with no overhead (like if using a Wifi Pineapple, from Hak5 [which btw is completely worth the money!]).

Check out this page.

Here is a snippet from said page:



Wifiphisher is a rogue Access Point framework for conducting red team engagements or Wi-Fi security testing. Using Wifiphisher, penetration testers can easily achieve a man-in-the-middle position against wireless clients by performing targeted Wi-Fi association attacks. Wifiphisher can be further used to mount victim-customized web phishing attacks against the connected clients in order to capture credentials (e.g. from third party login pages or WPA/WPA2 Pre-Shared Keys) or infect the victim stations with malwares.

Wifiphisher is...

    ...powerful. Wifiphisher can run for hours inside a Raspberry Pi device executing all modern Wi-Fi association techniques (including "Evil Twin", "KARMA" and "Known Beacons").

    ...flexible. Supports dozens of arguments and comes with a set of community-driven phishing templates for different deployment scenarios.

    ...modular. Users can write simple or complicated modules in Python to expand the functionality of the tool or create custom phishing scenarios in order to conduct specific target-oriented attacks.

    ...easy to use. Advanced users can utilize the rich set of features that Wifiphisher offers but beginners may start out as simply as "./bin/wifiphisher". The interactive Textual User Interface guides the tester through the build process of the attack.

    ...the result of an extensive research. Attacks like "Known Beacons" and "Lure10" as well as state-of-the-art phishing techniques, were disclosed by our developers, and Wifiphisher was the first tool to incorporate them.

    ...supported by an awesome community of developers and users.

    ...free. Wifiphisher is available for free download, and also comes with full source code that you may study, change, or distribute under the terms of the GPLv3 license.

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