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How to Download YouTube Videos with youtube-dl


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Over 10 years ago, I made a tool to download YouTube videos. It was called YouTools. I made it free for everyone to use and made some YouTube videos showing people how to use it.

10+ years later, YouTube removed the videos and gave my account a strike for violating their harmful and dangerous content policy.

So what's the best course of action? Make a new video tutorial showing people how to download YouTube videos, of course!

YouTube didn't like that and gave my account a second strike. One more, and cwade12c is nuked from YouTube. Alright, fine. I've uploaded the video to Odysee and will be sharing it far and wide.


Additionally, here are some basic written instructions:

1. Download youtube-dl. It is free open-source software and isn't limited to downloading just YouTube videos. You can even extract the audio from a video and save just that, or do cool stuff with converting videos (re-encoding).

2. Add the bin to your $PATH.

3. In command or terminal:

youtube-dl <URL>

 That's it. GG YouTube.

Check here for the other options and let me know if you have any questions.


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It really is. It has great options, too. For instance, just pulling the audio. You can also use youtube-dl with many other sources beyond YouTube. It works with Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Youtube-dl is definitely the shit. It works especially well when you want to 'cache' certain youtube videos or even script it into a totally legit download tool. haha.

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